In our competitive business world, where capital is limited, higher performance is the key to success. All companies, regardless of their size, seek ways to improve their customer experience. As a leading BPO, you need to gain and secure your competitive edge through providing your customer an excellent and comprehensive customer experience.

Wandy’s all-in-one solution; is the most innovative contact-center suite delivered as-a-service. Together with Wandy’s pay-as-you-go business model, which in addition to the to over-all use of the system includes also the support and upgrades, Wandy presents an excellent alternative for companies that wishes to transform their contact-center into a profit-center.

Designed and developed around a well defined do-it-yourself concept, we take a great pleasure and pride by presenting the new concept of Simplicity-as-a-Service. Not only that you can have a fully customized multimedia contact center ready to use in a few hours with no need for internal IT specialist or external professional services, you will also be able to train your agent and implement any changes required to support your operation, independently.

Wandy’s all-in-one package meets the need and expectation you probably have from your contact center solution. From a sophisticated IVR module, to inbound routing strategies, automatic outbound dialers, emails and fax-as-mail support, web based interaction, callback, pop-up screens and an advanced supervision, monitoring and controlling tools-Wandy has it all.

If you are not willing to invest in traditional contact center solutions, which are expensive to purchase and implement, and involve complicated to operate and maintain, if you would like to grow your business by providing an excellent service, you should consider Wandy.


  • An all-in-one comprehensive contact center, all modules are pre-integrates and   provided by a single vendor.
  • Immediate time to production, ready to use within few hours and built for independent administration and use. No IT professional support required at any stage.
  • Simple to use and operate, allowing you to serve simultaneously large enterprises, medium and even small businesses with the same service level while opening opportunities in new niches and channels.
  • Immediate scalability and exceptional product flexibility allow you customize this out-of-the-box solution   to the level of a tailor made implementation for each of your campaigns or customers.
  • Increasing customer value, by offering existing customers additional services such as outbound, chat and social network capabilities which are included in Wandy’s package.
  • Designed as a carrier grade solution, Wandy ensures the highest level of high availability, disaster recovery, privacy and security.
  • Contact center via permanent or temporary sites, using mobile, remote or even work-at-home agents.


Wandy’s comprehensive all-in-one contact center suite increases your business accessibility, by offering your customers a wide range of communication channels. In-order to ensure the holistic customer experience across all channels, while simplifying implementation and operation, a single generic flow is used to handle all media channels.

  • Voice (Telephony) –Based on VoIP technologies (SIP) combined with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) capabilities to support IVR flows, DTMF collection and more.
  • Dialers -Wandy provides a comprehensive set of dialers for outbound campaign management. This package Includes Progressive, Preview, and Predictive dialers. In addition an IVR dialer is provided to allow a fast broadcast of voice messages and automatic call treatment.
  • Email and fax as mail – This module allows customers to interact with representatives using emails and fax, which are routed through Wandy’s multi-Media queue according to the selected routing strategy and rules.
  • Call back and Web Call back – A call back request can be placed by customers using the telephone or Website, Wandy automatically returns a call, according to customer preferred time and date.
  • Web chat – using the Chat module allows customers to initiate an on-line chat session with contact center representatives via organization’s portal or other websites.

Wandy introduces the most advanced Simplicity–as-a-Service concept.  From implementation phase, done via Wandy’s exquisite and simple to use wizard, through configuration changes done using Wandy’s Configuration-Center, Wandy allows customers to design, implement and operate their contact-centers remotely with no need for IT experts or technical support.  Contact center managers have direct access to their own configurations where they can adjust contact center structure, flows and workforce, to answer the ever-changing needs of their contact center at any given time.

Wandy provides agents with a single web enabled interface, which allows them to handle all types of interactions regardless of their origin. As with all other Wandy’s interfaces, this is an easy to learn and use tool, therefore agents are trained in less than an hour. Via the agent’s interface, agents can consult, transfer and conference. They can answer emails, record the call, reschedule it, add a note and more. In addition, Wandy presents a unique “work-load” concept    allowing agents to handle several interactions at a time, according to their skills and capabilities as set by the supervisor.

  • Multi-tasking- Wandy allows agents to handle several tasks interactions simultaneously, be that voice based interactions, chats, email or any required combination, according to their skills and capabilities.
  • Agent monitor- enabling each agent to monitor the real time statistics directly from his desktop computer.
  • Recording- Agents are able to record their calls for later QA or other treatment.
  • Pop-Up- Wandy can be easily integrated to pop-up screens from customer’s knowledge management systems including CRM and ERP. In addition, Wandy can pop-up screens originated by different other web-based applications including, facebook, Linkedin,  Google Maps and more.
  • Agent mobility- agent can login to Wandy using different terminal be that their office or home computer or even their cellular phones. This allows contact center mangers to leverage the growing trend toward work-at-home- agents.

Wandy was built as a multi-tenant carrier-grade solution; as such, it is ready to support your needs with the utmost flexibility and answers to the highest standards of security, voice quality and reliability. Wandy allows you to expand your contact center activities, enlarge your workforce immediately, train your agents quickly and move to operation swiftly.

Ensure that your contact-center will be available whenever your customers need it and across all channels with maximal up-time.  Wandy’s cloud computing infrastructure presents quick recovery and data protection. Wandy’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is scalable and distributed providing a built-in Disaster Recovery (DR) mechanism. This allows the sharing of resources among different tenants, while maintaining the highest level of security and business privacy. Furthermore, Wandy dramatically reduces the hardware required for fault tolerance as the load balancing fast fail-over recovery and redundancy systems are all ready built-in.


Wandy’s all-in-one suite, include several modules that help contact center managers and supervisors to gain an up-to-date on-line view of contact center’s resources, activities and performance. A well designed historical reporting package completes this overall representation allowing supervisors and managers to plan future contact center activities based on accurate accumulative information.

  • The supervisor center- Supervisors gain a quick access to online, real-time information and statistics related to the business-processes, they manage using this application. This easy to use, control-panel, allow a supervisor to mange and monitor on line campaigns, define alerts and thresholds to help them notice problematic contact center behavior, and handle it quickly and efficiently. In addition supervisors can drill-in to gain in-depth understanding of agent working patterns and quality of service. Supervisors can listen to agents’ calls, coach them and intervene in calls if and when required.
  • Recording and archiving – Wandy’s built-in recording module, allow agent and supervisors to record all/part of the calls according to organizational working methods and other rules and regulation. All recorded calls are archived and indexed daily.  Authorized managers and supervisors have an access to on-line recording and to this archive so they can gain an immediate understanding of quality of service, agent training progress or specific calls/customer information.
  • Wallboard- This interface displays of data, which is required for the monitoring and managing of the business process queue. It is updated in real time. The wallboard allows agents to gain knowledge of the overall performance of their group. The Wallboard provides different alerts animation; for example, when waiting time exceeds the predefined SLA. In addition, external information originated by 3rd party resources such as company’s website, Twitter, internal-portal, etc.
  • Historical reports-Wandy provides a comprehensive out-of-the-box historical reports package which offers detailed and analytical data presented in tables, graphs and charts and can be exported to formats such as HTML, Excel, PDF, TIF, etc. This data allows for in depth investigation of all interactions, in addition to information about agents’ productivity and behavior during the work shift (breaks, idle time, working-time, back office, etc.) and much more.












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