Wandy, the perfect contact center suite for any Small & Medium Business (SMB) Because small businesses are entitled to the best there is!


Being successful in today’s competitive business arena requires more than just making a great first impact on your target audience (potential customers). In order to enhance the loyalty of your existing clients, increase their value as well as attracting new ones, you need to ensure that your customers’ experience is of the highest level. To achieve that you must provide them with efficient and time saving service and support.

You probably know that the technology of an advanced contact center contributes to the enhanced customer experience and overall contact center performance. You were also aware that this used to be the sole territory of large enterprises, as the implementation of such a solution required substantial financial, logistical and technical resources and capabilities.

Well, not any more! Prepare to be surprised, let us introduce you to Wandy!

Wandy is the perfect contact center solution delivered directly to you as-a-Service (SaaS) by the most reliable and trustworthy service provider.

Now, what could top that? Imagine for a moment, your dream of a contact center solution, free of any location constrains. One that doesn’t involve costly hardware and software purchases or complicated IT projects! One that is so easy to use that you don’t need any help in setting it up! In fact, with the Do-It-Yourself feature, you can have it up and running by the end of a business day.

To join the champion league in customer service and pave your way to success, ALL YOU NEED IS WANDY!


Affordability – If you can’t buy it, SaaS it. The Software-as-a-Service business model is perfect for the SMB market segment. No large up-front capital expenditure required as you need only IT infrastructure. No long, costly integration and implementation processes, or any other professional fees needed. Wandy is ready to use, so you are paying a fixed price. No hidden costs, no surprises.

Monthly Fees – Pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis enables you to plan your annual operational budget according to the true needs of your business. You can scale up on seasonable peaks or special events immediately with no further worry.

Simplicity – Wandy introduces an innovative Simplicity-as-a-Service approach. This Do-it-yourself contact center solution allows you to define, change and maintain the structure of your contact center, on your own, in a remarkably simple, immediate and easy way. Wandy’s user-friendly interfaces for managers, supervisors and agents eliminate the need for extended training periods.

Reliability – Delivered to you by a reliable service provider allows you to  focus on your business while your service provider takes care of all the technology aspects of delivering you the most advanced contact center application ensuring the highest grade of scalability, reliability and business continuity along with security and a high level of support.

Flexibility – As a cloud application, Wandy allows any agents anywhere to be part of your contact center, giving you the freedom to run your business in the manner that suits you. Multi-media interactions, such as email, chat and more are handled by the solution, widens the scope of service you offer and clearly provides you with the edge you need to succeed!


Wandy’s comprehensive contact center suite allows you accessibility, by offering your customers a wide range of communication channels. In-order to ensure the holistic customer experience across all channels, while simplifying implementation and operation, a single generic flow is used to handle all media channels.

  • Voice (Telephony) –Based on VoIP technologies (SIP) combined with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) capabilities to support IVR flows, DTMF collection and more.
  • Dialers -Wandy provides a comprehensive set of dialers for outbound campaign management. This package Includes Progressive, Preview, and Predictive dialers. In addition an IVR dialer is provided to allow a fast broadcast of voice messages and automatic call treatment.
  • Email and fax as mail – This module allows customers to interact with representatives using emails and fax, which are routed through Wandy’s multi-Media queue according to the selected routing strategy and rules.
  • Call back and Web Call back – A call back request can be placed by customers using the telephone or Website, Wandy automatically return a call, according to customer preferred time and date.
  • Web chat – using the Chat module allows customers to initiate an on-line chat session with contact center representatives via organization’s portal or other websites.

The core of Wandy’s SaaS contact center solution is its routing engine. The main task of this engine is to verify that your customers will be answered and directed, as quickly as possible, to the best available agent. Wandy’s routing suit, provides an advanced handling of the call throughout the IVR and waiting time. Wandy’s call flow creation environment ensures a quick implementation, changes and manipulation of call flows, without a need for 3rd party support. Some of the features included are:

  • IVR (channel flow) – allow to gather information that will help during the routing of the call, and interfacing with 3rd parties.
  • IVR – (business process flow)- a second layer of the IVR allow for a separate flow during waiting time after the call was routed to a specific queue
  • Skills-based routing – that sends the call to the appropriate agent without unnecessary transfers and hold time
  • A universal multi-media queue – allows Interactions originating by different media types to be treated in the same queue according to predefined rules and prioritization.
  • Voice/web call back – eliminates the need for customers to stay on-line and wait. Wandy allow customers to leave their contact details and preferred time for a call and initiate an outbound call according to their preferences.
  • Blended Queue- balances the call center’s activity level to maximize operation productivity.
  • Pop-UP- integration with external Databases and applications such as CRM, provides caller-specific information upon customer identification.

Wandy provides agents with a single web enabled interface, which allows them to handle all types of interactions regardless of their origin. As with all other Wandy’s interfaces, this is an easy to learn and use tool. Via the agent’s interface, agents can consult, transfer and conference, they can answer emails, record the call, reschedule it and more.

  • Multi-tasking- Wandy allows agents to handle several tasks interactions simultaneously, be that voice based interactions, chats, email or any required combination, according to their skills and capabilities.
  • Agent monitor- enabling each agent to monitor the real time statistics directly from his desktop computer.
  • Recording- Agents are able to record their calls for later QA or other treatment.
  • Pop-Up- Wandy provides customer’s CRM screens or other screens originated by different other applications including, facebook, Linked-in, Google maps and more.
  • Agent mobility- agent can login to Wandy using different terminal be that their office or home computer or even their cellular phones. This allows contact center mangers to leverage the growing trend toward work-at-home- agents.

Wandy’s ‘Supervisor Center’s’ provides supervisors with an up-to-date, on-line overall view of contact center’s resources, activities and performance, to ensure the quality of service. Supervisors have the ability to define thresholds and alerts to help them notice problematic contact center behavior, and handle it quickly and efficiently.

  • Business process real time information
  • Agents real time information
  • On-line statistics
  • Listen- super visors can listen to agents call for QA.
  • Coach- Supervisor can coach the agent during call time while the customer hears only the agent.
  • Intervene- the supervisor can choose to intervene the call and make it conference call, in that case all parties (customer, agent and supervisor) become part of the same call.
  • Recording- the supervisor can choose to record a specific call or agent for later QA and training

On-line statistics and historical reports are critical for contact center managers who wish to deliver a cost-effective solution while ensuring contact center efficiency. To maintain a high performance level and efficient operation, contact center managers and supervisors need access to the most updated and accurate information. Wandy offers on-line information and statistics that are provided via the supervisor center, real-time monitor and historical reports.

  • Wallboard- this application allows for the displays of data which is required for the monitoring and managing of the any business process queue. It is updated is updated in near real time. The wallboard allows agents to gain knowledge of the overall performance of their group. Including alerts animation when the longest waiting time exceeds the predefined SLA for example.
  • Historical reports- Wandy provides a comprehensive historical reporting tool which offers detailed and analytical data presented in tables, graphs and charts and can be exported  to formats such as HTML, Excel, PDF, TIF, etc. This data allows for in depth investigation of all interactions. In addition to agents’ productivity and behavior during the work shift (breaks, idle time, working time, back office, etc.) and much more.
  • Supervisor center- Wandy’s ‘Supervisor Center’s’ provides supervisors with an up-to-date, on-line overall view of contact center’s resources, activities, and performance to ensure the quality of service. Supervisors have the ability to define thresholds and alerts to help them notice problematic contact center behavior and handle it quickly and efficiently.

Designed to be delivered as-a-Service, Wandy introduces the most advanced Simplicity –as-a-Service concept. Wandy’s configuration center, allows customers to design, implement and operate Wandy remotely with no need for technical support.  Contact center managers have direct access to their own contact center configuration where they can adjust contact center structure, flows and team, to answer the needs of their contact center at any given time.

  • Create/Add/change agents
  • Add skill group
  • Create/Add/change Business processes (Queue)
  • Create/Add/change call flow
  • Create/Add/change routing rules


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