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Wandy’s Software-as-a-Service contact center solution presents a unique business opportunity, for service providers of all types who seek ways to become a significant player in the advanced cloud computing world. The emerging cloud Software-as-a-Service model presents opportunities for service providers to leverage their business customer base and by offering them new services and business applications, based on their existing infrastructure. To that end, innovative services and ingenious business models provide service providers not only with new revenue streams but also anchors customers’ loyalty.

In today’s reality, businesses of all sizes and verticals must reduce costs dramatically, improve their customer service and increase their overall productivity, in order to stay ahead. To achieve that they need to use cutting edge technologies and advanced systems that allow them to efficiently operate in the fluctuating business environment.

Voice based interactions are still the major and most common method of communication. Furthermore, this type of interaction is still the core business of most service providers. Based on that, Wandy is a natural evolvement of their current offering, enabling service providers to quickly launch and build their SaaS development around Wandy’s standard based contact center solution. They can expand their range of services at a later stage, to include many additional applications which are part of the rich contact center eco-system.


  • A broader offering to the underserved SMB market segment.
  • Leveraging the existing business customer base and securing the SMB market segment.
  • Increasing customer value, reducing customers’ churn rate and attracting new business customers.
  • A complementary service to IP Centrex products and other services.
  • Utilizing service providers’ previous infrastructure investments.
  • Short sales process followed by long term customer relationship makes Wandy the perfect SaaS offering in the market.
  • Wandy contact center can be up and running in a matter of hours. Time to market and time to revenue is immediate
  • Wandy is aloud based application, no on-site installations equal high margin expectancy.
  • A new perpetual Service-oriented revenue stream. Additional revenues are generated from traffic, infrastructure upgrades and related services and applications.
  • Wandy’s multi tenant SaaS platform allows resource sharing between tenants, while maintaining one version with customized implementations for each client.
  • Wandy requires no specialized hardware or software as well as no implementation or maintenance teams. This innovative platform allows SMB business customers to provide optimal service by operating their contact center via permanent or temporary sites, using mobile, remote or even work-at-home agents. In addition this ability increases  service provider’s profitability.
  • Wandy can be integrated with other applications to offer customers bundled service packages such as CRM, recording systems and more.


Wandy’s software architecture support multi-tenant scalability can be distributed across geographical or market areas.  With Wandy you can scale out simply by adding standard servers.

Wandy’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is scalable and distributed in a way that enables each process and service to run either as an all-in-one solution on a single server, or on a different host. This allows to share resources among different tenants while maintaining the highest level of security and business privacy. Furthermore Wandy dramatically reduces the hardware required for fault tolerance as the load balancing, fast fail-over recovery and redundancy systems are all ready built-in.

Wandy’s platform is integrated into Service provider’s core network, as a ‘SIP Feature Server’, that handles different aspects of contact center activities. Wandy can be deployed in both IMS and pre-IMS architectures and can easily be integrated with class 4 and class 5 switches. As an open system, Wandy easily assimilates into Service provider’s computing and applications environment as well.

Wandy is designed to enable full flexibility for service providers and customers. Wandy can be expanded according to the required capacity with minimal initial setup cost. Customers can use the system immediately with a ready-to-use configuration.

Wandy’s delivery model allows customers to increase or decrease the number of agent licenses to support seasonal peaks and special events. Wandy’s networking nature allows deployment of agents anywhere – be it company HQ, remote sites or the comfort of home.

Wandy enables fast automatic provisioning of contact-center services to new customers. A standard internet or other IP-based connectivity can be used as a transport layer to supply the service. A simple-to-use wizard guides non-technical users through the creation and configuration process activating the new contact-center.

Wandy uses ’Microsoft Click Once’ technology to deploy its client based applications to all users. By clicking a URL, users activate Wandy’s 6 steps wizard to build their contact centers. Agent, supervisor and administrator desktop applications are ready to use, out-of the box use interfaces, which are extremely easy to learn and use. When activating the rich, client web-enabled applications on the user interfaces, the system performs an automatic product update ensuring the most updated system version is distributed.

Wandy uses market standard products and protocols to secure online voice interactions and customer data. Each customer receives a fully isolated contact-center for its business needs, comprised of distinct implementation of IVR flows, business rules and customized reports. Each customer has its own configuration data and Isolated database instance that can be accessed only by users authorized and authenticated by the Service provider’s Domain Controller.

Wandy’s mobility and Fixed Mobile Convergence capabilities enable the routing of interactions to any type of users’ registered terminals, including soft phones, desk phones, and mobile devices. Switching between terminals is supported, according to user presence, to ensure agent availability and productivity. Wandy requires the use of basic terminal capabilities ensuring that the rich set of call-control features are supported across a wide range of terminals.

For information of end-user functionality, please go to the SMB solution features and benefits.


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