About Us

Wandy (formerly CTWARE Ltd.) was established in 2001 as a member of Fore-Group (www.fore-group.com), a worldwide holding and investment group that includes 20 companies and a workforce of over 800 employees.

The accumulated experience and extensive knowledge in the Computer Telephony Industry has made Wandy a leader in customer oriented products’ development which focuses on both Service Provider,SMBs and enterprise  market segments. With an experienced management and highly talented R&D team, Wandy has had over 60 deployments of combined products worldwide.

Keeping up to date with market needs, the emergence of new technologies and cloud delivery models, in 2006 Wandy began to develop an innovative all-in-one SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) contact center solution.

The advanced Do-It-Yourself software solution shortens implementation time and allows for independent customer’s use and maintenance without requiring any on-site installations of hardware and software. Wandy provides businesses with the opportunity to access cutting edge technology that will allow them to significantly enhance their productivity and efficiency, while presenting a new level of customer service.

Wandy also introduces significant advantages and profitable business opportunities for service providers and channel partners by creating high marginal and new accumulative revenues generated from subscription monthly fees.

Additional revenues are generated from increased traffic, related services and infrastructure upgrades, which contribute to higher customer value and help reduce customer churn rate, while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Wandy our flagship product, is the most advanced carrier grade, cloud contact center solution for businesses of any size, available in the market today.


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